Neon Wedding Signs

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Custom Wedding Neons

There’s no better way to make a statement on your wedding day than hanging a one-of-a-kind party neon sign. Our range of neon wedding signs will add the touch you’re looking for and ensure your special day is one to remember. From custom designs with your initials to tender slogans, you’ll find the perfect neon sign wedding backdrop at Sketch & Etch. 

Wedding Neons to Last Forever

At Sketch & Etch, we understand that you’ll want to treasure your neon wedding signs long after the ceremony is over. That’s why we provide a 24-month manufacturer guarantee and create pieces that are easy to assemble and take down so that you can also enjoy your neon sign at home. Our range, which uses top-notch LED technology, features lightweight faith neon signs that don’t generate heat, so you can be assured your wedding day is eco-friendly to boot.

Make a Custom Neon Wedding Sign

Our custom neon sign wedding products guarantee your nuptials will stand out from the crowd. Whether you’re after a sign that features the happy couple’s names or initials in neon sign letters, or a memorable quote or a wedding hashtag, the sky is the limit when choosing your custom neon sign. Not only can you determine exactly what the sign says, but we also offer a range of colors and sizes to suit any wedding’s theme and decor.

Light up your Wedding Backdrop

The great thing about our signs is that you have the power to choose the perfect place to put them. From the reception to the ceremony itself or even a photo booth, our signs will add to the finishing touch to any space. More than just a piece of neon wall art,  they can also function as instructional signs, whether pointing the way to the bar or highlighting the gifts table. On top of that, we also sell a range of artsy signs that make the perfect decor for weddings, like this Half Moon neon sign or this Cactus neon sign

Your aesthetic neon sign will come with an adaptor suited to your delivery location, allowing you to simply plug it into a power point with ease.