Retro Neon Signs

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Vintage Neon Aesthetic, Modern LED Technology

Bring some old-school cool to your home gaming room or media lounge with some retro neon signs. A lot more fun than a simple light bulb, these retro neon classics, like a pink flamingo or a dazzling lightning bolt, will be such a talking point when friends come to visit. Have an entertaining room with a home bar in your place? Then, this beer mug neon sign, available in various colors, is perfect. Do you have kids who are into skateboarding or roller skating? Decorate their room with a couple of excellent neon lights. 

Bring the 80s retro vibe back into your life

Relive the fun and color that was the 80’s, a time of carefree music and fashion. Remember going to your local pizza parlour for a slice of pepperoni? How about your local corner store for an ice-cold cherry coke? A colorful retro neon sign not only brightens up your home but can brighten up your smile. You feel the retro vibes and become happier. Try a neon light out and see how you feel.

Our retro neons bring nostalgia to any event

There will be many people born in the ’70s, remembering the 80’s and hitting their 50’s this decade. Having an 80’s party, with the music, the fashion, oh my god, the hair! Then topping it off with some retro neon signs and a disco ball, that would make the perfect party.

Create a custom vintage neon sign

You can work with us here at Sketch & Etch to design and create your own personalized, retro neon sign. With our easy sign creation tool, you can pick a font, a size for your sign, color, and anything else you want. For more customization, speak to our friendly team, and bring your world to light!