Sketch and Etch Neon Signs

Sketch & Etch On September 20, 2021

Light up your life

We are Sketch and Etch, neon sign designers, creators, movers & makers who can make the perfect custom Neon signs for every age, space, event and decor. From shop fronts, man caves, weddings, birthday parties to decorating modern corporate spaces, we have got you covered with the perfect bespoke neon sign.. At Sketch & Etch, we are excited to light up your walls, and your life with one of our aesthetic Neon signs. Here is how it all works ...

How we make your neon sign

STEP 1 - Design 

Email us your idea and our amazing customer service team will help you design your ideas and share with you, a quote. You’ll receive a mock-up of the neon sign so you can visualize exactly how the final sign will look.

STEP 2 - Create

Once we’ve locked in the final design, our team can get to work cutting the sign from acrylic sheets, laser cut to precisely match your design. This creates the backing where the lights will be fixed.

STEP 3 – Connect

Our team of expert Neon makers bend and glue LED strips to the shape that’s been produced. Once the lights are firmly fixed in place, we’ll connect them to a small transformer (similar to one a laptop uses) which is able to plug in to any normal power socket. We use a very thin clear cable with plenty of length to make sure nothing distracts from the sign’s shine. And boom - just like that a sign is ready and on its way to its new owner.

STEP 4 - Deliver

To ensure safe travels we package it up using the highest quality of materials to make a sturdy box, so it arrives with you safe and sound. Not to mention, your order has a 24 month warranty so its insured from our door to yours! 

Standard postage and delivery within the Unites States is 100% free.

STEP 5 - Complete

In no time your sign arrives and is ready to light up your life.

Majority of our Unites States orders are produced by our incredibly talented Sketch & Etch team in Melbourne.

Our signs are available to anyone in the US today … and the great news is that very soon Sketch & Etch will be available in the UK too!

Contact the Sketch & Etch team to create your bespoke neon sign today.

Watch the Process here

Frequently Asked Questions

What Gas Is Used in your Neon Signs?

Sketch & Etch uses the highest quality LED materials to create your Custom Neon signs. 

Do Neon signs use a lot of electricity?

Now LED lights are used to make the signs, they use minimal electricity, which means you can easily use your neon sign all day every day! Woo!  

Our LED Neon Signs have a 50,000+ hour lifespan. 

Are Neon Signs Safe?

Our Neon Signs are extremely safe to use, Not only do they not get hot, given they have an acrylic backing they can be easily secured into place on many different surfaces. 

Find Out Which Neon Sign Best Suits Your Space

Is there a favorite word, saying, slogan or sentence that you would like on your wall?

Or how about your footy team’s emblem to brighten up a man cave? A cool music themed sign could rock your garage band or a teenager’s den. Your teenager might love their favorite guitar or band name glowing on the wall, maybe you would too! A child might enjoy their favorite cartoon character as a decoration in their room. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. What are you waiting for?

Contact the Sketch & Etch team to create your bespoke neon sign today.