Neon Bar Signs

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Custom Neon Signs for your Bar

In a highly saturated industry like hospitality, it can occasionally be tricky to figure out how to stand out amongst your competitors. We all know that decor and vibe can contribute enormously to the success of your bar or restaurant, which is why our range of neon bar signs is your secret weapon to attracting customers. Yep, whether you are after a sign with a neon sign quote, a piece of neon wall art signs,  retro neon signs or even something personalized, you’ll find the right addition to your venue at Sketch & Etch. 

Create a custom & personalized neon bar sign

Looking for a sign with the name of your bar or restaurant but not sure where to find it? Our design team at Sketch & Etch is more than happy to collaborate to create the personalized bar neon sign you’re looking for. You can reach for the stars when it comes to designing a custom bar neon sign, as long as you help us figure out the inspiration, fonts and wording you’d like for your perfect piece.

Light up any bar or cafe's atmosphere

The importance of a venue’s atmosphere cannot be overstated. It’s safe to say that décor and ambiance can be just as vital to a bar or café’s success as things like menu and location, which is where Sketch & Etch comes in. Our collection of neon bar lights includes everything from aesthetic neon signs, to fun images like the beer neon sign. You’ll even feel like your bar is just like your man cave at home by checking out our range of cheap neon signs. Take a look at our range and find the neon bar lights for sale today.

High-quality neons that last a lifetime

Just as you want your business to continue thriving for years to come, you also want your neon sign to stand the test of time. Luckily, Sketch & Etch neons are built to last and even come with a 24-month manufacturer guarantee in the unlikely event that any issues arise.