Neon Wall Signs

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Neon Sign Wall Art for any Room

If you’re wondering what’s missing in your fully furnished home, then neon wall art could be the finishing touch you’re looking for. Whether you’re after kids night lights to brighten up your little one’s room or cheap signs that will level up your lounge for your next neon party, our range of cool neon wall art caters to every space and style. Our neon specialists carefully craft each piece from Sketch & Etch, so you can trust you’re picking up a quality piece that will stand the test of time.

Modern Neon Art

If you’re looking for a neon sign wall art that fits in perfectly with the latest trends in design and decor, look no further than Sketch & Etch. We’ve got modern neon wall art to suit any home’s aesthetic, from pieces made for your man cave to a whole range of Marvel neon signs. Yep, you can invite Tony Stark or Peter Parker into your home via a memorable sign that will be the envy of any visitor. 

Retro Neon Signs

Can’t get enough of vintage-inspired decor and pieces that help turn back the clock? Then take a look at our range of retro neon signs that both the young and young at heart will love. We’ve got signs in super fun designs like a boom box or roller skates that are the perfect addition to a 1970s themed neon party or funkily-themed home. 

Make your own Custom Neon Signs

Wanting to make sure your sign is exactly how you like it? You can customize the color and size of your neon wall art so that it fits perfectly into your home. On top of that, you can even adjust the speed at which your sign flashes and its brightness to create all the right vibes for your space.