Neon Letters

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LED Neon Letter Signs

A neon sign doesn’t have to be super detailed to pack a punch. If you’re looking for something a little simpler that is still guaranteed to make an impact in your space, our neon sign letters are the answer for you. Whether you’re wanting to buy multiple letters to spell out a name or just one or two to symbolize initials, our neon letter lights collection allows you to choose from every letter of the alphabet.

Add a personalized touch to your home or office

Whether at home, in a kids room, gaming room or in the office, it’s nice for your décor to have an individualized touch. To transform any space into something entirely unique to you, check out our range of neon sign letters. The possibilities are almost endless when it comes to the words you can spell out or the locations you can place your sign in, so get shopping our range now to see what’s out there.

Create your own Neon Signs with different Neon Sign Letters

Our range of custom letter neon signs can be arranged into hundreds of combinations to create the perfect sign for you, whether you’re looking for something more aesthetic or inspirational. Not only do we stock every letter you could possibly need, but you can mix and match between 11 different neon colors to find your perfect combination.