Neon Sign FAQs

What makes Sketch and Etch Neon signs different? 

Not all neons are created equal. We have the highest quality standards across all their products. In fact, we’re so confident of our quality, that we offer a manufacturer’s warranty that’s TWICE the industry standard – a 24 months warranty!

Plus, all Sketch and Etch Neon signs are made using the latest in neon technology – Flexible LED Neon lighting. 

This means our neon signs:

  • Are eco-friendly! They do not use any gas or produce heat and they are silent.
  • When used correctly, typically last 50,000 hours!
  • Are relatively light weight (usually between 3kg – 6kg/7lb – 13lb, depending on size)
  • Are super easy to install! Hang your neon sign just like a picture frame and plug it in like a lamp. Please refer to safety and installation below for full details.

As with all handmade items, variances may occur due to the nature of handcrafting items. Every Sketch and Etch Neon sign is handmade to order, so you may discover some variances in Neon color and or minor residual glue marks on the backing board. This is a by-product of the production process in fixing the LED Flexible Neon to the backing board. These marks will not be visible when the Neon sign is in use, and do not affect its function.

Did you know – we have a 100% money back guarantee? If we miss your event, we’ll give you your money back, and you get to keep the neon! Remember to include your event date at check-out so we can apply this guarantee to your order! Minimum 4 weeks from your order and proof being approved to the event date. 

Please note, Sketch and Etch Neon reserve the right to not accept an order if we believe we cannot meet your event date. In this case, Sketch and Etch Neon will issue the customer with an immediate refund for their purchase. 


What is the Neon Builder?

We receive hundreds of requests each week for lighting up names or phrases in NEON! The Neon Builder allows you to write your personalized message, select your font, color and backing to see your very own creation in (neon) light! The previewer allows you to review how your selections will work and will provide you an accurate price based on your selections.

I’ve made this on someone else’s Neon Builder, and it’s cheaper!

We price match! While we use premium materials and place a high focus on the quality of our products, we like to keep our pricing competitive too. Simply send an email to with a quote of the cheaper neon sign, and we’ll price match for you. 

Can I do it wrong?

Absolutely not! Just have fun with the neon builder and bring your creation to life.

Please note, we reserve the right to cancel and refund any purchase where we deem it to be illegal or offensive.

What comes with the Neon?

We pre-test all our Neon signs to make sure that they’re ready to enjoy straight from the box!

Your Sketch & Etch Neon sign will come to you, mounted on an acrylic (backing board) in your selected color. The backboards also come with pre-drilled hang-holes (5mm/3/16”) for easy installation. 

Plus, every Sketch & Etch Neon has the option of a remote-control dimmer! We’ll include an instruction booklet and the control – all you’ll need are the batteries! Please store the controller out of reach of small children as it contains small parts which may be a choking hazard and extremely harmful.

How long does it take?

Once you have purchased your design, it will take 2-4 weeks until delivery. Need it sooner? We can produce our ‘Design Your Neon’ signs within 10-14 days! Please select rush shipping at checkout. We will push this job to the top of our production queue, and an additional Rush Service Fee will be added to your order. Looking to get one of our other neon signs more quickly? Contact us at to see how we can help!

Love our Neon Builder but want something more?

Can’t quite create your Neon vision our Neon builder? We are here to help! New designs and concepts excite us! Send us an email via our contact form, with a description of your dream neon and one of our amazing Client Managers will be in touch. Please also upload any files or images that may help us bring your idea to life!

I’ve seen a product on the internet but it’s not on your website. Will it be coming back?

Sketch and Etch have created thousands of custom neon signage for clients all over the world. If you have something special you’d like to create, or have seen something on the internet that you’d like to replicate, please contact our team to see how we can help your Neon dreams come to life! Email us at – we can’t wait to hear from you!

Still have questions?

Need more help? Email us at – we are happy to help!


  • Please note if there is a break in the Neon casing, do not use the Product and contact us immediately.
  • Neon signs should not be handled by children, installed in the reach of children or installed where children may become entangled by the cord e.g. close to their beds/cots.
  • Do not leave the Neon turned on unsupervised. i.e. don’t forget to turn it off when you leave the premises.
  • We highly recommend using a power board with overload protection.
  • Neon signs are intended for indoor use only, unless you have purchased a Splash Proof Box casing.
  • We do not recommend the Neon Sign being installed near heat or where it will be subjected to water or moist conditions.
  • If the neon sign may be exposed to very light water or wet weather, we recommend selecting an ‘splash proof box’ to protect your neon sign. Please note, the warranty for signs with outdoor use is 3 months. 
  • Please disconnect the Neon sign if you wish to move it.
  • The Remote Control for the dimmer settings is battery operated. Please note, batteries are extremely harmful if ingested and/or a choking hazard. Please keep the controller out of reach of small children and don’t allow them to use the controller as a toy.



  • Installation works best with a friend or two!
  • Most Neon signs weigh between 7lb – 13lb/ 3kgs – 6kgs. We recommend always have 2-3 people to support the Neon sign whilst installing. 
  • We recommend using a strong fishing line or clear cable ties for non-permanent neon placement (wedding and events). 
  • To operate, the Neon sign then needs to be plugged into a standard power outlet. Please ensure the Neon sign is mounted securely before use.
  • For a more permanent installation (e.g. your home or office) - we recommend securing it to a wall using the supplied screws. Take care not to drill too deep, as this may crack the acrylic. 
  • We suggest using a measuring tape and marking the neon out with masking tape on the wall - to ensure it’s in the correct position. Then, have another person hold the Neon sign in place while you mark the pre-drilled holes with a pencil. Only once certain it's in the correct position should you attempt the screw the neon in place. 
  • Drill slow and steadily, making sure not to press the drill head all the way into the acrylic so that the Neon sign isn’t under too much pressure.
  • Ensure the neon sign is mounted securely before plugging in and using.
  • Please note, splash proof boxes are designed for permanent fixture and not designed to be moved regularly.