3 Wedding Neons Making Waves this Wedding Season

Sketch & Etch On April 14, 2021

We’ve been creating magical wedding decor for years, bringing to life show-stopping weddings. (In fact, that’s where Sketch & Etch Neon began! Find out more about our story here.)

You see, our parent company specializes in all things wedding. They’ve worked with thousands of couples over the years. They’ve recently even published their years of experience through a free Wedding Checklist.

Having their hands on the pulse of weddings worldwide, they’ve shared with us some of the major global trends they’ve been seeing. There’s one in particular that caught our eye. Wedding Neon Signs. We’ve seen neon signs work their way into popularity. First appearing a few years ago in influencers and branded events, we’re now seeing them in mainstream weddings. 

While trends come and go, sources are saying this trend hasn’t come close to its peak popularity yet. And wowee, what an impact they make! 

Sketch & Etch Neon Signs are the perfect way to light up your event. They create the ultimate dance floor vibe and a perfect photo opportunity for your guests. All signs come with a remote control that allows you to adjust the brightness and speed of the neon light. Plus, we’re offering free shipping throughout The United States of America.

Here are our top picks for wedding neon signs in the 2021-2022 wedding season.

To the Moon & Back Wedding Neon Sign

Looking for that one statement piece to impress your guests at your wedding? This elegant and opulent wedding neon sign might be just what you’re after. The Sketch & Etch To the Moon & Back Neon Sign. This particular sign is one of our most popular pieces and holds a special place in our hearts. It was one of the first Neon designs our team created, plus it is still one of the most purchased wedding signs to this day! Coming in at 47 inches long by 59 inches high, it’s no wonder so many of our couples choose the show-stopping To the Moon & Back Neon Sign for their big day. 


This wedding decor item is perfect for creating an atmosphere of romance. It also beautifully ties together a huge range of wedding themes - from Classic, to Boho. The To the Moon & Back Neon Sign has enough gravitas to hold its own and is often hung simply on a copper frame to highlight the design elements. This makes it ideal for outdoor weddings or indoor weddings where there is ample space. However, many brides also choose to further enhance the sign with gorgeous floral displays. 

The Sketch & Etch To the Moon & Back Neon comes with a luxurious gold mirror acrylic backing, and Cool White neon outline and text to compliment.

Here are a few of our favorite ways this sign has been styled over the years.

Modern Love Wedding Neon

The Modern Love Wedding Neon is gearing up to be one of our fan favorites this wedding season. And it’s no wonder why. It combines love (in the shape of a heart), your favorite color, and you can customize it with your initials.

It’s one for the couples who are fun, playful, and youthful at heart - and want to shout their love for each other from the rooftops!

It also comes in three venue-friendly sizes. What brides are loving even more about the Modern Love Initials Neon is that it is perfect for both the big day and can be enjoyed at home afterwards. Many of our couples use The Modern Love Neon Sign as a stunning piece of wall art in their living rooms and bedrooms.

Sketch & Etch have created this wedding neon to be available in their 11 signature colors. As with many Sketch & Etch wedding neon signs, the most popular colors are Cool White, Warm White, Pink, and Light Pink.

The Sketch & Etch Modern Love Neon Sign comes on a subtle clear acrylic backing, and LED Neon of your color choice. 

Here are a few of our recent ‘wedding to wall’ examples of the Modern Love Neon Sign.

Surname Wedding Neons and Mr & Mrs Wedding Neons

So you’ve seen surname and Mr & Mrs signs before...but have you seen them in neon? Over the years many brides have included a sign of their new last name at their wedding. They’re the perfect way to celebrate the union of you and your other half. And are great for getting guests in the mood to celebrate the new happy couple! But traditional timber and acrylic signs are being outshone by something new. 


Cue neon signs! They are bright, eye-catching, and extremely versatile. Our couples love them because they can be used all the way from the ceremony to reception and well into the night-time festivities. They look great as a backdrop, to the bridal table, a photo booth or dance floor.

Like the Modern Love Neon Sign, couples enjoy hanging this statement piece at home as a memento from their wedding.

Looking to create your very own surname neon sign? Sketch & Etch have an easy-to-use Online Neon Builder! It lets you completely personalize your neon sign. You can type in anything you want, choose a color and size to fit your theme and venue. You can even customize the backing color. While Clear is most popular, you can choose from black, white or metallic options too.  Here's a link to play on the Online Neon Builder until you create the perfect neon sign for your wedding!

Here are a few of our favorite custom creations.

Completely Custom Neon Signs

We love the creativity of our customers. As we touched on above, the Sketch & Etch Neon builder lets you type in anything you want. This means we’re creating neon signs which include a couple’s meaningful quote, wedding hashtags, or even cute wedding phrases. The options are endless, the process is easy. You type in anything you want, we breathe light into it!  

The Sketch & Etch team can also create images, monograms and logos in neon. Simply send us an email here including your design and the approximate size you’d like it. Our team will then get to work on a free mock-up and quote for you.