Cat Chan On May 19, 2020

We love us a wedding. And we love one with a good engagement story to tow.


One of the most popular uses of Neon Signs are at weddings. In fact, one of our top sellers are custom neon signs which our clients will often make themselves using our neon builder tool. It’s pretty awesome if we say so ourselves.


So, when clients contact us, we know that it’s usually for one of two reasons:

  1. They want our creative input as innovative designers to create something unique

  2. They already have a design in mind that they want to our expert neon team to create it for them


Carla fell into category 1. And her desire for a unique neon sign matched her unique engagement story.


Not your typical day…

As with all clients, we like to understand a bit about them and their story, and all about their neon needs. So when we asked Carla about her engagement story, we weren’t expecting a minor natural disaster to be part of it!


In Carla’s words… “It’s a fairly unique story…basically, my fiancé and I were doing a tour of an active volcano in Vanuatu”. That alone would be memorable.


But it gets better, we’re not sure Hollywood producers could script it better. “The volcano erupted and (debris) hit me! A few broken bones later I am now back at work after an 8-week recovery, but we are both doing well and excited about planning our wedding”. Definitely a story for the grandkids.


Carla and her fiancé wanted something that, in so few words, could capture their unique engagement story. They wanted to see “And the volcano went boom” in Neon light.


Orange you glad you’re here…

Being so versatile, our Cool White, Warm White, Light Pink, and Light Green are among our top sellers. So, when we heard this Neon Sign involved a volcano, our creative juices started flowing.


One of the best parts of our Sketch and Etch team is having a design team on-site. Meaning it makes it 1000% faster and easier to collaborate to help bring our Clients’ visions to life. We tried a variety of colors, fonts and sizes for this phrase. Having several words in a Neon Sign, it can be difficult to make it look on point. Plus, getting the perfect size requires a fine balance. We have to consider fitting in all the words while not blowing out the size (or the client’s budget)! Luckily for us, we have an amazing and experienced design team!


After going back and forth with our Client and our design team, we’d done it. We had created a neon sign which perfectly captured this moment for Carla and her fiancé.


It was a stunning 4ft wide by 2ft 7inches high (approx. 1200mm wide x 830mm high), in mesmerizing orange.


We are happy to report Carla’s wedding went off without the same drama as her engagement and they are now happily married – with no broken bones.


Big Love,

The Sketch and Etch Neon team x


And remember – everything looks better in Neon!